We understand that some presenters will not be able to make the trip to London to present their research paper, case study, work in progress and report, mainly due to financial and/or political restrictions on travel. The ICITST-2020 has therefore instituted a virtual presentation system to allow the authors of accepted papers the same publication opportunities as regular presenters. A research works submitted without the participant attending the Conference in person, but presented via video conferencing are refereed and published (if accepted) in the conference proceedings.

You can submit a research paper, case study, work in progress and report for virtual presentation under the open call for papers via email to virtual@icitst.org

ICITST-2019 Virtual Presentations

Title: 2017 Ransomware Case Study: What is Old, May not be Dead
Authors: Arsh Arora, Ragib Hasan, Gary Warner

Title: Context-Aware Authentication to Protect Data Access in Cloud Environments: Identity and Access Management Applied by Context-Aware Authentication
Authors: Claudio Augusto N. Ferraz, Edgard Costa Oliveira, Ari Melo Mariano

Title: Using Machine Learning for Incident Response and Classify Complex Network Attacks: Implementing Machine Learning Models to Detect Malicious Traffic
Author: Paulo Pereira

Title: Network security and cyber security: The usefulness in the society
Author: Fatima Aruna

Title: Hand gesture Recognition using Optimized Hidden Markov Model
Author: Martin Sagayam Kulandairaj

Title: Learning Styles Prediction based on attributes of the Learning Vectors Model for Virtual Learning Environment Customization
Author: Edilaine Santiago de Oliveira